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An InformationWeek Webinar:

How To Prepare For Sophisticated IT Attacks

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Duration: 60 minutes

Cyber attacks -- and those who perpetrate them -- are becoming more and more sophisticated every year. But it isn't just external sources that are putting the security of your organization at risk; IT resources are moving outside the firewall, and as your enterprise distributes applications and data across more devices it become more and more important that you extend security protection beyond the perimeter.

Register for and view this webinar to hear guest speaker Jack Danahy, Director for North American Security Consulting and Delivery at IBM, as he discusses more about sophisticated attacks and the changing security landscape.




Featured Speakers:

Jack Danahy
Jack Danahy,
North American Security Consulting and Delivery,

Learn more about 4 proactive steps that you can take immediately to help keep your organization safe:
  • Prioritize your business objectives and set your risk tolerance
  • Protect your organization with a proactive security plan
  • Prepare for the inevitable: a sophisticated attack
  • Promote and support a culture of security awareness

View this webcast to learn more about how to prepare your organization for sophisticated attacks.


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