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Featured Speakers:
  • Marc Hayden,  Executive Vice President Sales, CHR
  • Rick Lievano,  Industry Technology Strategist for the Microsoft Telecommunications Sector
  • Ari Banerjee,  Senior Analyst, Light Reading
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    A Light Reading Webcast:

    Revolutionize Customer Experience with Telco CRM*

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Customer experience leaders outperform their counterparts by 22.5%**. In a market where escalating competition and declining regulatory support continue to apply pressure on Communication Service Providers (CSPs) this is a stat that can't be ignored.

    As CSPs fight to remain relevant and profitable there is an ever growing need to elevate the customer experience while reducing operating costs. Contrary to popular belief, these goals need not be mutually exclusive.

    Hear from industry leaders from Microsoft and CHR Solutions on how to leverage telco CRM to improve the customer experience-engaging customers in meaningful ways such as, integrated product catalogs, social channel and real-time deal management. The results of this dynamic change in customer experience leads to reduced churn and increased customer loyalty, all while improving efficiencies and managing OPEX.

    *This is a custom webinar
    **Forrester Research 2007-2012, Customer Experience Index Studies

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