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Featured Speakers:
  • Ellen Carney,  Senior Analyst Serving E-Business & Channel Strategy Professionals, Forrester Research, Inc.
  • Tom Harrington,  Director, Industry Principal – Insurance, Pegasystems
  • Greg MacSweeney,  Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street & Technology

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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    Promoting Distribution Channel Value In A Digital Insurance World

    Duration: 60 minutes

    At a time where consumers are enjoying all the benefits of pricing transparency in digital insurance channels, how do carriers make sure they are enabling their agent partners so they remain relevant to end customers, while still providing value to the insurer? What are carriers doing to ensure that the agents remain front and center in their distribution strategies? One way carriers can help agents be more profitable is to provide them with information and analytics that can use to easily cross sell and identify retention opportunities before they result in unwanted "churn."

    Join us for this webcast where we will discuss:

    • What's the state of the digital insurance business: a carrier and agent view?
    • What role will the agent play in insurers’ increasingly multi-channel distribution strategies?
    • What do agents expect from the insurers they sell for (independent agent model dominates now)?
    • How are carriers enabling the sales activities of their agent partners?
    • What does the next 3-5 years hold for the agent distributor?
    • How do analytics provided by the insurance carrier help agents to increase conversions, provide personalized services, up-sell, and retain customers?


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