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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Consumerization of IT – Self Service Leads the Way

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Duration: 60 minutes

Whether you call it consumerization of IT or the IT-erization of the consumer, the reality is business users want -- and are finding ways -- to be empowered. They are using technology to stay informed and maintain visibility into their business processing with much greater control than they have ever had and are also performing basic tasks that enable on-time and high quality service.

Unum, a global provider of financial benefits, is a good example of this self-service paradigm. The Fortune 500 company turned to BMC Software's Control-M Self Service so its internal users now monitor their jobs and business processes, in real time. This allowed them to resolve problems independently as well as schedule IT-enabled jobs, services, and reports. With Control-M Self Service in place, Unum created a culture of empowerment among its users and reduced the operational cost of managing high-priority requests.

Join BMC and contributors from the Unum team to learn more about the Unum Self Service environment and how you can create a similar experience inside your own organization. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Control-M Self Service enables business users to perform business processing more quickly and inexpensively and with greater ease
  • What variables and metrics to consider when implementing a self-service model
  • How to plan a successful roll-out of self service with business users
  • What results you may see – both good and bad – during a self-service implementation
  • About Unum's recommendations for a self-service based on the company's own experience



Featured Speakers:

Tracey Pendergast
Tracey Prendergast,
Operations Manager,

Zach Warren

Zach Warren,
Infrastructure Engineer,

Joe Goldberg

Joe Goldberg,
Control-M Technical Marketing Manager,
BMC Software


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