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Featured Speakers:
  • Rick Wagner,  Director, Product Management for Identity and Access Governance, NetIQ
  • Perry Carpenter,  Industry Expert, Security and Identity Management
  • Erik Sherman,  Contributing Editor and Moderator, Dark Reading

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    A Dark Reading Webcast:

    Serving Two Masters: The Secret to Successful Identity and Access Management Deployment

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    It's been said that you can't succeed if you serve two masters. In the technology field, Identity and Access Management (IAM) may be the exception. The need for IAM is driven by two equal forces in the enterprise: The requirement for data security to defend against intrusion and theft, and the need for governance and compliance in a regulated or highly structured industry. Both forces involve mitigating against significant risks that can put an enterprise in peril, and potentially devastate the complex ecosystem of employees, partners, investors and customers that every enterprise supports.

    The good news is that the twin drivers behind IAM deployment make it easy to reach a consensus, and as a result, most business decision makers are in agreement that IAM is a must-have technology solution for operating a secure, successful enterprise. However, an InformationWeek Analytics survey last year found that there is still rampant dissension in the ranks when it comes to choosing and deploying an effective IAM strategy for an organization. The report identified three major reasons why IAM deployments can fail: Lack of prioritization, lack of clear objectives, and unrealistic expectations.

    In this live webcast from Dark Reading and NetIQ, you'll learn how to avoid these costly mistakes, and how to focus on proven best practices and best-in-class technology to ensure that both masters -- security and compliance -- get exactly what each requires from your IAM environment.


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