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Featured Speakers:
  • Andrew Hillier,  CTO & Co-founder, CiRBA

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    An InformationWeek Financial Services Webcast:

    Capacity Management Evolved: How to Optimize VM Placement to Mitigate Risk, Right-Size Infrastructure and Cut Software Costs in Half

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Many IT shops are still relying on outdated capacity management approaches that have not been designed to deal with the high-density, highly-automated, demand-driven virtual and cloud environments of today. As such. they are struggling with solutions that were designed for a bygone physical era when environments were static and planning was less frequent – solutions that are simply not useful in today’s modern world. Cloud and virtual infrastructures demand more sophisticated methods, while infrequent management approaches must give way to more continuous control and modern capacity control systems need to determine where to place workloads and how to size infrastructure in order to minimize operational risks and significantly reduce key costs.

    The optimal balance of efficiency and risk can only be achieved by taking a data-driven, policy-centric approach that emphasizes strategic VM placements, application-aware allocations, catalog-based infrastructure sizing, forward-looking capacity reservations, and tunable policies that govern workloads, systems and entire environments. Using this approach allows density to be safely increased, unlocking tremendous savings in the areas of server hardware, storage and software licensing.

    Join CiRBA for a webcast to learn more about best practices for capacity planning and management in modern infrastructure. In this webinar you will hear about how to:

    • Optimize workload placements to safely reduce hardware and software license costs by 40-70%
    • Accurately forecast infrastructure requirements using capacity reservations fed by release management as well as self-service demand portals
    • Cut performance risk with policies that accommodate all technical constraints, business requirements and operational goals
    • Intelligently automate VM placement and sizing decisions


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