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Featured Speakers:
  • Caroline Chappell,  Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
  • Chris Simon,  Director, Service Provider and Cloud Business Unit, Dorado Software
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    A Light Reading Webinar:

    Enhancing Customer Experience Through Rapid MPLS Provisioning –

    Duration: 60 minutes

    This webinar will look at the imperatives for operators to improve the speed and efficiency of provisioning IP/MPLS services. Enterprises across the world regard IP/MPLS services as key enablers of their business but telcos’ current provisioning processes and tools are often not well suited to provide an reasonable customer experience. From Heavy Reading’s research, Enterprises want their services delivered in a timely manner and with a far greater level of self-service than is currently available from many suppliers. This webinar will discuss an approach to MPLS provisioning that uses network abstraction, automation, orchestration and exposure to reduce the time and cost involved in service delivery and to allow customers to collaborate in fulfilling and changing their services. It will look at how such an approach can work with an operator’s existing OSS, avoiding the need to replace stable systems while at the same time augmenting them with the benefits of abstraction and automation.

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