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An InformationWeek Healthcare Webcast:

From Evidence to Insight: Achieving outcomes that matter

Duration: 60 minutes

The global healthcare industry is at a pivotal point to transform, reinvent and realign to a more vital and evolving new model. There is broad recognition that cost increases are unsustainable, yet results remain inadequate. Buyers of care, including governments, employers and individual consumers, are demanding better performance in both quality and outcomes.

Fundamentally, the focus is shifting to create a system of healthcare, which requires new funding models, shared risk and greater accountability to the outcomes. The future requires a new definition of value for all stakeholders within the ecosystem, especially patients. New care models that promote coordination and sharing of knowledge among all caregivers to the benefit of the patient will be needed and data leveraged to support decisions with trusted evidence.

For organizations to adapt, they must have good visibility into their own cost structures and capacities; it requires insight to both financial and clinical risk inherent in their populations, and it will require the ability to measure the impact of their services delivered. From our work with clients around the world we see the following strategic activities emerge:

  • Understanding and influencing their populations
  • Engaging and empowering individuals
  • Care planning that is evidence-driven, standardized, personalized
  • Coordination across boundaries to share care, accountability and risk
  • Transparent quality and performance reporting

Attend this on demand webcast in the IBM Virtual Briefing Center to learn about the key enablers to delivering greater value and achieving real outcomes that matter.

Featured Speakers:

Dan Pelino
Dan Pelino,
General Manager,
IBM Global Public Sector

Sean Hogan
Sean Hogan,
Vice President,
Global Healthcare Delivery Systems

Harry Reynolds
Harry Reynolds,
Health Industry Transformation,
IBM Global Healthcare & Life Sciences


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