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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Choosing an Approach to Data Integration and Governance
in a Big Data World

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Duration: 60 minutes

If you're planning a data integration project, it's important to determine the right data integration style you need to deliver information that is accurate, complete, timely, and in context for your target database or application. It is even more important as data sources continue to increase in number, size, complexity and velocity.

In this session you will hear Gartner analyst, Eric Thoo, describe four different approaches to data integration. Eric Thoo will map the different approaches to five key use cases to help you identify the capabilities you need and provide insights into evolving data integration challenges and the capabilities that are emerging to address them.

David Corrigan from IBM will describe the IBM InfoSphere data integration solutions and relate them to the different critical data integration use cases.

Attend this webcast to develop a framework for approaching data integration in the new era of Big Data.

Featured Speakers:

Barry Cohen
David Corrigan,
Director, Infosphere Product Marketing,


Eric Thoo
Eric Thoo
Research Director, Melbourne, Australia


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