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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Top Business Process Misconceptions: What you need to know

Duration: 60 minutes

Smart processes become more critical for information workers – sometimes called iworkers -- every day. In fact, processes matter as much if not more than strategies and metrics that are often tracked by Wall Street. When discounted, a lack of process actually makes executing strategies more difficult. However, when processes and strategy intersect, everyone wins.

For instance, research firm Gallup recently analyzed nearly 200 studies spanning 152 organizations and 44 industries in 26 countries. The results showed an uplift of every business performance number if people felt engaged through good processes. Profitability was up 16%, productivity was up 18%, quality was up 60%, and customer loyalty rose 12%, among other findings.

It’s very clear from this research that when solid workflows are in place, organizations can accelerate results and focus on what matters, becoming faster, more fluid, and nimble. Yet, according to best-selling author of Social Era Rules Nilofer Merchant, there are several misconceptions that are holding most businesses back – some of which are still taught by top business schools and managers.

In this webinar, corporate strategist Merchant will discuss what those myths are and how organizations can improve processes to bust out of them, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and a reduction in customer attrition. These processes can also lead to better strategies, results, and trust.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to close the proverbial strategy/execution gap, or as Merchant calls it, the Air Sandwich
  • Why and how to lead when you’re not in charge
  • How empowering employees and customers translates into higher profits
  • What a healthy culture has to consist of and how to build it using smarter and better business processes



Featured Speaker:Nilofer Merchant
Nilofer Merchant,
Bestselling Harvard Author of Social Era

Moderator:Karen Bannan
Karen Bannan,
Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

Industry-Expert Speaker:Tim Rowland
Tim Rowland,
Vice President and General Manager, Retail and Manufacturing,


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