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A Dark Reading Webcast:

Protecting Enterprise Data in the Cloud

Duration: 60 minutes

As enterprises increasingly employ cloud services as a means of storing and sharing information, there is a growing need to develop stronger methods of securing sensitive data in the shared infrastructure.

In this informative webcast, Dark Reading editor Tim Wilson will host the Cloud Security Alliance’s John Howie and Vormetric executive CJ Radford in discussing the threats posed to data in the cloud, the various methods available for securing sensitive data in cloud environments, and key strategies for identifying and securing data in cloud services and environments.

Attendees will learn:

  • The potential threats posed to stored data in cloud and shared-tenant IT environments
  • The chief methods used by attackers to penetrate cloud environments
  • Recommendations on securing enterprise data stored in the cloud
  • Key tools and services available for encrypting and securing stored data in cloud environments
  • Recommendations for building out cloud data security/storage strategies



Attendees of the webcast will receive a complimentary white paper on Data Security in the Cloud

Featured Speakers:

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson
Dark Reading

John Howie
John Howie
Chief Operating Officer
Cloud Security Alliance

C.J. Radford
C.J. Radford
Vice President, Cloud


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