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Featured Speakers:
  • Christopher Rommel,  VP of M2M and Embedded Technology at VDC
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    A Dr. Dobb's Journal Webcast:

    3 Steps to Automate Your Way to Agile

    Duration: 60 minutes

    We all know that Agile enables software organizations to continuously deliver working software faster to customers (internal or external). This helps software teams to not only deliver products faster but also in tune with the changing market needs. In practice however, organizations still struggle to get the full benefits of Agile methodology because they have not fully automated their practices (development, build, test, release).

    Join us to hear Christopher Rommel, VP of M2M and Embedded Technology at VDC, address the fundamental issues and recommendations you should consider as you adopt Agile:

    • Drivers for adopting Agile
    • Critical organizational, process and tooling issues to consider and pitfalls to avoid
    • Recommendations on how to do this right by automating your processes


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