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Featured Speakers:
  • Robert Taylor,  Strategic Technical Account Manager, BlueBox
  • Clayton Cole,  Applications Engineer, Clustrix
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    A Dr. Dobb's Journal Webcast:

    Performance Benchmark: Achieve Breakthrough Scalability for Ruby on Rails with Scale-out SQL

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Ruby on Rails with a single MySQL server is one of the fastest ways to create and deploy a world-class web app. Scaling that app is another story. Since you can add web capacity easily, the ability to scale a modern Ruby on Rails application rests solely upon the scalability of the database.

    Single instance, scale-up databases simply don't make sense in a Web 2.0 world. And non-relational databases require you to sacrifice too much - transactional integrity, consistency, durability, and security.

    In this webinar, learn the results of a performance benchmark that compared the performance of Ruby on Rails using MySQL, and Clustrix, a scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud. You will learn:

    • How database performance (measured as transactions per second) is impacted by increasing concurrency (measured by total threads)
    • How to quickly and easily achieve breakthrough scalability for Ruby with MySQL
    • How to reduce the costs associated with scaling Rails
    • How to retain all the powerful functionality of Rails, even while scaling linearly

    As a special bonus, all Webinar attendees will receive the white paper, "Ruby on Rails Database Benchmark."

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