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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Software-Defined Storage: The Power of Family Values

Duration: 60 minutes

IT infrastructures have become onerously complex. Optimizing server-storage architectures for growth and manageability is challenging, and while tiered storage design can help to mitigate some of these issues, it can be difficult and costly to implement. Data mobility between and among various systems, along with a proliferation of isolated and often dissimilar management tools only compounds the problem. Meanwhile, organizations struggle to contain the spiraling costs of storage and storage management. A lack of storage virtualization in many environments also inhibits the ability of server and network virtualization to help improve overall asset utilization and drive out cost.

We must explore new, innovative ways to break the cycle of increased complexity and explosive data growth. The old ways of buying and managing storage are no longer economically sustainable in this era of rampant data growth. Resource constraints — both physical storage resources and human resources — are driving IT organizations to act quickly in an effort to optimize and simplify their infrastructure. Unchecked complexity and growth will only become bigger problems over time.

Join us on this webcast to learn how IBM Smarter Storage stands up to these challenges and allows organizations to optimize storage for today and tomorrow, while driving out cost and improving service levels. You'll see how the IBM Storwize family of storage solutions leverages advanced functionality like heterogeneous virtualization, real-time compression of live production data, consistent, simplified management tools and intelligent automated flash optimization to maximize efficiency while improving performance and reducing cost. These are family values that can truly improve user experience and create real economic value at the same time.

Join us to learn how!

Featured Speakers:

Randy Arseneau
Randy Arseneau,
IBM Systems & Technology Group,
Storage Platform

Jon Toigo
Jon Toigo,
CEO and Managing Principal,
Toigo Partners International LLC

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