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Featured Speakers:
  • Bruce Powel Douglass,  Chief Evangelist for IBM Rational
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    A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

    Agile for Safety Critical Systems:
    Project Management Practices

    Available On-Demand
    60 minutes

    Agile methods have become increasingly popular because they empower organizations to more quickly address emerging opportunities, to better ensure accurate fulfillment of functional requirements and to significantly enhance team productivity. Many organizations, however, are leery about employing agile methods for their safety-critical systems-since they have serious concerns about compromising those systems and thereby exposing themselves to completely unacceptable consequences.

    IBM Rational Chief Evangelist Bruce Powel Douglass explains how best practices for project management can assist organizations in experiencing all the benefits of agile development while continuing to maintain rigorous standards essential for successful delivery of safety-critical systems.

    By attending this webcast, you will learn:

    • How agile safety-critical PM differs from traditional safety-critical PM
    • Goal-based project metrics for safety-critical agile PM
    • Agile project planning for safety-critical projects
    • Agile project governance for safety-critical projects

    Featured Speakers:

    Bruce Powel Douglass

    Chief Evangelist for IBM Rational


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