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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Collaborative Processes: the New Fuel for Growth Engines

Duration: 45 minutes

For decades, firms have used ERP, CRM and other applications to automate transactional processes like ordering, payments, and shipping.

Now things have changed. Today, you must find your competitive advantage and business growth from other sources.

Experts recognize that collaborative activities like these will be part of the new growth engine:

  • Delivering high-quality services
  • Identifying and creating new products
  • Finding and developing top talent
  • Managing risk and compliance
  • Anticipating and fixing potential problems

The key is finding the right tools to enable more collaborative processes, and for enterprises like yours, smart process apps can fill that need.

This webinar will teach you about smart process apps -- a new category of software that makes collaborative processes more productive.

You'll learn how you can use smart process apps can fuel your growth engine by:

  • Providing faster answers to customers
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Moving data and work more reliably
  • Gaining more flexibility and efficiency
  • Enabling collaboration between employees, customers, suppliers, and partners

Sponsored by Lexmark and featuring expert insights from Forrester Research, this educational webinar gives you the answers you need for smarter processes and better results.

We've packed the 45-minute program with useful strategic information like:

  • How smart process apps improve collaboration across business teams and customers.
  • Why traditional transaction-focused tools don't help.
  • How to identify the best candidates for smart process apps.
  • What results you can expect, including greater customer satisfaction.
  • What is driving leading companies to adopt smart process apps.
  • A real-world case study of how smart apps can help drive growth.

Attend this webinar to find out how new smart process apps can empower your employees and drive growth.

Featured Speakers:

Andrew Bartels
Andrew Bartels,
Vice President,
Principal Analyst serving CIOs,
Forrester Research

Brian Henderson
Brian Henderson,
Director of Worldwide Product Marketing,

*All Attendees will receive the report: Buyer's Guide: SaaS Collaboration & Project Management



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