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What is your role in your firm regarding Web security solutions (e.g. denial of service or Web application attack prevention)?
Do you have plans to invest in Web security solutions this year?  If so, what is your timeframe?
What percentage of your business is done through the online channel? 
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What is your primary business activity within your organization?
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Featured Speakers:
  • Rich Bolstridge,  Chief Strategist, Akamai Technologies
  • Mike Smith,  Director, Computer Security Incident Response Team, Akamai Technologies
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    An InformationWeek Financial Services Webcast:

    Defending Against DDoS - Lessons Learned from High Profile Attacks on Financial Services Firms

    Duration: 60 minutes

    In a typical week, Akamai defends multiple customers against large-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks of up to 30 Gigabits per second and countless smaller attacks. Since October 2012, large-scale DDoS attacks have targeted insurance companies, asset managers, brokerage firms, credit unions, small banks, and 30 out of the top 50 banks.

    Multiple attack waves have made many of the targets’ online services unavailable for days, or even weeks. To add to the punch, these attacks generate a lot of negative media attention and are expected to continue throughout 2013.

    Akamai is focused on determining the pattern of the attacks and implementing countermeasures. This webinar will deliver insights gained from successfully defending our customers against a wide variety of large-scale DDoS attacks.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    • Aggregated information on the recent attacks
    • New attack methods and patterns observed
    • Current blocking techniques
    • Why some defenses fail or result in performance degradation
    • Best practices for mitigation of DDoS attacks


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