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An InformationWeek Webinar:

Real-Time Analytics: Big Data. Real Answers. Big Impact.

Duration: 60 minutes

According to an October 2012 Harvard Business Review, as of last year about 2.5 exabytes of data are created each day, and the pace isn’t slowing. It is expected that it will double every 40 months. Businesses and organizations that can integrate, analyze, and disseminate data possess a competitive advantage, by making better business decisions faster and at the point of customer interactions. Doing so requires tight integration of transactional, data warehousing and business analytics solutions across the line of business, disparate departments, and a variety of systems to create a modern information hub that can support real-time, enterprise-wide decisions.

Today, approximately seventy percent of all data transactions in banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, utilities and government occur on the IBM® System z® platform, with its unparalleled qualities of service and performance. These organizations are in a key position to change the game.

Please join Joe Clabby of Clabby Analytics and IBM’s Greg Lotko to learn how IBM® System z® and related analytics tools serve as the information and analytics hub, without the need to redesign your infrastructure. In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the challenges and opportunities that businesses face related to the explosion of data and use of analytics to become successful
  • Why two innovative approaches to leveraging data and analytics and optimizing strategic decision-making, tactical execution, and business results can help you reach your business goals
  • Why Swiss Re, a leading global reinsurance and financial services group merged operational and data warehouse data into a single optimized environment to speed decision-making.
  • How organizations can effectively harness the data avalanche, turning raw data into diamond nuggets of information using real-time decision-making via analytics.

Featured Speakers:

Greg Lotko
Greg Lotko,
VP & Business Line Executive,
System z

Joe Clabby
Joe Clabby,
Clabby Analystics

Reto Estermann,
Director, Information Technology,
Swiss Re Group

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