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An InformationWeek Webinar:

How to Start Your Big Data Journey

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Duration: 60 minutes

Big data is not just about technology. It’s about the value you can extract and the problems you can solve with the technology. While each industry has its own unique challenges, IBM has identified five cross-industry use cases that provide excellent starting points for anyone looking to begin their big data journey:

  • Big Data Exploration - Find, visualize, understand all big data to improve decision making
  • Enhanced 360º View of the Customer - Extend existing customer views by incorporating additional internal and external information sources
  • Security/Intelligence Extension - Lower risk, detect fraud and monitor cyber security in real time.
  • Operations Analysis - Analyze a variety of machine and operational data for improved business results
  • Data Warehouse Augmentation - Integrate big data and data warehouse capabilities to increase operational efficiency

Start small with one use case and address others over your big data journey. The key is getting started now. This webinar will show you how!


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