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Featured Speakers:
  • Scott Hiemstra,  Financial Services Sales Manager, CDW
  • Kevin McConnell,  IBM Software Solution Architect, CDW
  • Joshua Blumert,  IBM Storage Solutions Engineering, Advanced Field Tech—Sales Engineer, Linux and Cloud Specialist, IBM
  • Darin Droste,  Technical Sales Specialist, Texas Memory Syst
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    A Bank Systems & Technology and Wall Street & Technology Webinar:

    Get a Handle on Big Data

    Duration: 60 minutes

    There’s no shortage of data today, with terabyte after terabyte coursing into every organization. Managing all that data has become an imperative for financial firms. However, while controlling big data can be challenging, there are great rewards for organizations that can leverage the wealth of information to create actionable insights for better decision-making that lead to efficiencies, competitive advantage and more.

    Join us for this one-hour complimentary webinar where you’ll learn from industry experts how to compare and analyze both structured and unstructured data, create a big data strategy and get ahead of incoming data to enable you to plan for future storage needs.

    To help you truly manage and take advantage of big data, CDW data management experts will help you:

    • accurately anticipate your business’s growing demand for storage
    • utilize the power of the cloud to save time and money
    • compare and analyze non-relational data structures
    • build an effective big data strategy


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