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Featured Speakers:
  • Greg MacSweeney,  Editorial Director, InformationWeek Financial Services
  • Keith Wood,  Head of Strategy and Solutions, Capital Markets Business Unit, SAP
  • Marc Alvarez,  Senior Director, Interactive Data Corp.

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    A Wall Street & Technology Webcast:

    Achieving Consistent Pricing Analytics for Disparate Users on a Single Version of The Truth

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Organizations are struggling to perform consistent analysis on consistent data along the trade lifecycle. Part of this problem stems from the fragmented and silo'd approach that firms were forced to implement to support the analytical requirements of multiple user communities in, for example, front office and middle office. As a result, many business users were left to acquire, or develop, their own solution to pricing securities. The problem is that these environments have different requirements and different perspectives.

    As a result of the increased regulation around pre-trade risk checks, on-demand risk aggregation and pricing of assets required by Dodd Frank, Basel II and BCBS239 amongst others firms are being forced to look at how they can harmonize and at the same time simplify their approach to valuing an asset along the trade lifecycle.

    This webcast will discuss how firms can remove potential errors and delays in performing analytics through a more integrated and collaborative approach to developing the pricing models needed for each user community. This approach gives firms the opportunity to create an integrated, multi-asset, multi-counterparty trade repository, updated in real-time that allow front and middle office to develop, model and execute their specific analytics on a single version of the truth.


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