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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Smarter Process: Five Ways to Make Your Day-to-Day Operations Better, Faster and More Measurable

Duration: 60 minutes

While much of the market focuses on Big Data and big decisions, it is actually the numerous routine decisions employees make every day that can cumulatively have even greater impact on your company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, these numerous small—but cumulatively high-impact—decisions are typically part of business processes that are inadequately understood and overly complex.

Fortunately, companies just like yours have found simple, cost-effective ways to improve their processes and make these frequently occurring business decisions measurably better and faster. As a result, they’ve improved their operating margins, mitigated operational risks and now deliver a competitively superior customer experience.

Join this free, insight-packed webinar to find out how you, too, can transform your company’s day-to-day business processes quickly, cost-effectively and without taking on a “boil the ocean” project. In just one well-spent hour, you’ll learn:

  • Why shadow processes remain such a major drag on business performance
  • How even basic mapping and metrics radically improve routine decision-making
  • What happens when you empower business users to write their own business rules and directly make changes to their automated processes
  • The new role of mobility in reinventing business processes
  • How to best initiate measurable, high-ROI improvement with operational decision-making and customer-centric processes
No company can afford to let its core day-to-day processes continue to languish while the rest of the business benefits from new ideas and technologies. Attend this free webinar to ensure your company doesn’t get left out of the Smarter Process revolution!

Featured Speakers

Craig Le Clair
Craig Le Clair
Vice President,
Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals,
Forrester Research, Inc.

Dianne Del Rosso
Dianne Del Rosso
Global Director of Industry Marketing,
IBM Mobile, Smarter Process & Business Integration

Lenny Liebmann
Lenny Liebmann


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